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Case Study

Premier Health Care


Premier Health Care provides the highest level of clinical, person-centred care while fostering supportive communities and environments. With major development of facilities across South Australia and Queensland, it was imperative for Premier Health Care to upgrade its website to showcase their wide range of health care services.

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The Client

As a well established health-cared facility of almost 35 years, Premier Health Care have developed high quality facilities around Australia. As Premier Health Care expanded, the company was faced with difficulties in transitioning to a digital platform and were burdened by the traditional agency model and costs. By using Curated, Premier Health Care had to access the best boutique website design and dev teams in Australia, while still having manageable budgets and quick turn around times.

National Company
"Having the selection of Australia's best teams meant there was no reluctancy in choosing the right team for us"
Premier Health Care
The PRocess

Premier Health Care were able to use Curated's industry knowledge and creative teams to produce a brand new website that reflected the businesses growth.

  • Clear Brief

    Premier Health Care could get exactly what they needed in to writing, ensuring that the company knew what they were getting before payments were made.

    The Right Teams

    The thorough selection process made it easy to choose a team that best aligned with Premier Health Care values and work needing to be done.

    Real Proposals

    Using Curated's online portal to access the team's submitted proposals for Premier Health Cares project extracted the most information about each team, while saving time in the search process.

    Payment Control

    Costs managed by Curated meant Premier Health Care could continue to oversee the businesses rapid growth, and focus on new developments.

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Digital Noir

Digital Noir is a creative team from Adelaide, Australia who deliver beautifully engaging digital experiences. The team have creatively influenced designers and developers who don't believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Digital Noir ensures each project is a personalized design experience making the team highly adaptable to any design and dev project at Curated.

Services completed:

Web Design
Web Development
Brand Materials
The Result

Premier Health Care is showcasing their exceptional health care facilities and developments in a well-crafted website in an optimal time and cost effective way. The company saved over $50k by using Curated.

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