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Case Study

Just Hit Send

Just Hit Send is a Dallas-based gift service that provides unique speciality gift boxes for individuals and corporates. The company is growing fast and relies on Curated for a variety of needs - which helps to save time and money on hiring full time.

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The Client

Just Hit Send came to Curated with a need for design materials for their web-based product. What started as a project looking for a designer turned into Just Hit Send using Curated to also find a development team to create a new website feature which provides users with a custom experience.

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"Curated makes it a lot easier to find the best team for your project instead of searching on your own."
Annie Shamoon, Founder - Just Hit Send
The PRocess

With a small in-house workforce, Just Hit Send was able to use Curated to find talented teams 'outside the walls' of their company.


    Founder Annie worked directly with Curated to ensure her briefs accurately outlined the scope of work required for each step of the project.


    Just Hit Send didn't know where to start the search for teams. By using Curated, they were able to reach out to teams that did exactly what they were looking for.


    As the company is growing fast, Just Hit Send was able to move quickly by comparing proposals from real teams who could execute at the highest level.


    For a young company, being able to manage and control payments was important to ensure that spend was contained and they were confident in their new working relationships.

Meet the Boutique Team
Meet the Founder
Meet the Team


Lustre is a branding and design studio which specializes in helping startups launch and relaunch. Lauren and her team worked with Just Hit Send to refresh their visual identity.

Lustre was a great fit for this project because the team fell within the client's target market which allowed the talent to understand the client's needs not only from a business perspective but from the customer's perspective as well.

Services completed:

Digital Design
Web Development
The Result

Just Hit Send continues to experience rapid sales growth, which has been enhanced by their new online offering and experience. The company continues to rely on Curated as a trusted partner for its projects.

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