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Hydrant is on a mission to empower people to live a healthier and more hydrating life. With a light and refreshing taste, Hydrant wanted to match its look with its product - meaning a refresh in brand image and identity.

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The Client

After a successful launch, Hydrant's business expanded rapidly with additional products in the pipeline. Managing this growth whilst maintaining a strong brand voice became difficult to balance as a new company. Before releasing new products, Hydrant knew there was a need for a rebrand. Through Curated, Hydrant had scope to choose the right team that could fit within an already successful business model, but revamp its brand identity and image.

Revenue Growth
Team Members
Curated Projects
"Curated is our go-to partner that helps us to accelerate our growth."
The PRocess

Before releasing new products and flavours, Hydrant needed access to Curated's world-class teams to create an empowering brand image.

  • Clear Brief

    With already having a highly reputable company and devoted clientele, Hydrant was able to have a clear brief on where they needed the company to be after its rebrand.

    The Right Teams

    By Hydrant knowing their sweet spots, having the right team meant fitting within the brand's brief and understanding the product's success, whilst giving the brand image and voice a new life.

    Real Proposals

    Hydrant's rapid growth meant they needed to move fast on the rebrand, which was made easier by having real proposals from world-leading creative teams.

    Payment Control

    Having known where their budget and cost controls needed to be, Hydrant were able to project these when meeting Curated's teams.

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Meet the Team

Nate Tate - Tate Projects

Tate Projects is a brother and sister design duo from New York City. As Brooklyn natives, Nate and Mary-Kate's creative forces align with Nate as a creative art director and designer, and Mary-Kate also a creative director focusing on copy-writing - making them the perfect Curated team. Both inspired by travel and food, they feed their creative love from their world and cultural experiences.

Services completed:

Digital Marketing
Content Creation
The Result

Hydrant is now hydrating customers on a global scale with a stronger brand presence across all platforms. Hydrant continues to use Curated for projects - moving faster with the right teams.

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