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Case Study



EAU CLUB is an emerging lifestyle brand with luxury essentials for the pool, beach, & bath. With a unique story and brand, EAU CLUB used Curated to launch their first stroke.

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The Client

EAU CLUB had a clear vision for brand, image and product. The newly-launched company needed a web design and development team to bring the brand's vision to life. Through Curated, EAU CLUB's Founder, Emily, was able to compare the approach of multiple teams, and ensure execution at the highest level. The company continues to grow its global presence by utilizing Curated's teams - ensuring cost control and creating a valuable partner to scale.

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Press Articles
Hours Saved
"Curated was the best way for me to launch my eCommerce vision in a fast and cost effective way."
Emily Bibb, Founder - EAU CLUB
The PRocess

As a new company, EAU CLUB needed to find ways to bring the brand to life without wasting budget or hiring internally.

  • Clear Brief

    The Founder was able to create a clear brief to receive proposals from design and development teams.

    The Right Teams

    EAU CLUB was able to save time searching for the right team by accessing Curated's pre-vetted community of teams.

    Real Proposals

    With a particular aesthetic in mind, EAU CLUB's Founder was able to compare proposals for past experience, as well as look and feel.

    Payment Control

    Prior to launching the company, it was important to ensure all project milestones were met and costs kept under control.

Meet the Boutique Team
Meet the Founder
Meet the Team

Emily Bibb, EAU CLUB

Emily has worked across many global media and digital companies, however EAU CLUB was the first brand she launched herself. While she has a strong and diverse skillset, there were other technical components Emily needed to outsource to bring EAU CLUB to life.

Services completed:

Web Design
Web Development
The Result

EAU CLUB is now a global eCommerce powerhouse. Since launching, the company continues to add products and increase exposure to the platform that was built through Curated.

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