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Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane is experiencing rapid growth. See how they use Curated as an extension of their team.

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Just Hit Send

Just Hit Send is a gift service that was in search of a brand refresh and custom website.

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Optimizely needed a video production team for one of its largest global events.

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Case Study
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Bluestone Lane


Bluestone Lane is one of the fastest growing consumer brands in the United States. With over 30 stores across seven cities, and ambitious growth targets, Bluestone continues to rely on Curated for its global expansion.

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The Client

Bluestone Lane is an Australian-influenced hospitality and lifestyle brand centered on providing authentic, premium coffee and café experiences.

The company had a growing retail team, but lacked experience in eCommerce. Bluestone used Curated to develop and launch its eCommerce capabilities, growing the brand across America.

By receiving proposals from the right teams, Bluestone is able to move fast, and now uses Curated in content production, social media and other projects as it enters new markets.

Nick Stone, Founder - Bluestone Lane
The PRocess

By using a Curated approach, Bluestone Lane is able to move fast - when it matters. Rather than costly hiring - it can spread resources across projects.

  • Clear Brief

    By having a clear brief, Bluestone can get proposals from teams all over the country, when it needs them.


    Because of its fast growth, Bluestone relies on Curated to provide experienced teams - in markets where it has no experience.


    By receiving real proposals from teams on Curated, Bluestone can quickly compare its options and make a decision - no matter what the project.


    With so many projects and teams, Bluestone can manage all payments in one location with confidence.

Meet the Team

Nick & Andrew Stone

What started as an idea during MBA studies in New York has led to a $100 million millenial-focused business.

Bluestone Lane provides more than just coffee - it is a true experience-first lifestyle brand. Nick and Andrew now run both coasts of the United States, and partner with Curated as Bluestone enters multiple markets.

Services Completed:

Social Media
The Result

Bluestone Lane worked with Curated to successfully launch its eCommerce platform, an unconventional way to grow for a business that started in hospitality. Curated now supports Bluestone with a number of projects across a variety of skills.

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